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Aromatherapy oils: how to choose the right fragrances

Aromatherapy oils: how to choose the right fragrances

But you and I know that the aromas we feel have an impact on our mood and even life. Thanks to our olfactory system, scents and smells affect different areas of the human brain. No one seriously thinks about it, but inhaled aromas can make a person feel hungry, sleepy, anxious, agitated and many other feelings. Learning to use aromatherapy correctly will allow you to manage your mood. Even in ancient times, aromatherapy was used to neutralize unpleasant odors and influence the emotional state of a person.

Aromatherapy oil activates the limbic system, due to which there is an effect on the human body. Any aroma has a positive effect on the respiratory system, blood vessels, muscles and nervous system. Essential oils are also used to prevent skin diseases. Using them for massage, inhalation or compresses has a positive effect on the treatment of certain diseases.

High-quality aromatic oils: action and application

Aromatic oils are a mixture of volatile substances. Aromatherapy has gained its popularity due to its natural origin, the complete absence of chemicals in the composition and the beneficial effect on human health. It is customary to divide aromatic oils according to the degree of their action:

Disinfectant action

The composition of such aromatic oils usually includes: tea tree, citronella, cloves.

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Anti-stress action

These aromatic oils usually include: geranium, almond, jasmine, ginger.

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Deodorant action

The composition of such aromatic oils usually includes: lavender, lemon, bergamot.

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Stimulating action

These aromatic oils usually include: mint, eucalyptus, black pepper.

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Пanti-inflammatory action

These aromatic oils usually include: rose, chamomile, hyssop.

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Calming effect

These aromatic oils usually include lemon balm, patchouli, and basil.

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Restorative action

These aromatic oils usually include: orange, clove, marjoram.

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Two popular ways to scent rooms

The first way — these are aroma lamps. First, water is poured into a special bowl, into which a couple of drops of pure essential oil or a mixture of oils are dripped. A candle is placed under this bowl, which heats it up. The intensity of the scent can be adjusted by the number of drops you add to the water. Accordingly, the more drops of oil in the water, the more intense the aroma, but do not add too much oil. You will very quickly learn how to correctly compose mixtures that will be softly felt and the aroma will not crush. The main disadvantage of this method is that the mixture of oil and water evaporates faster than the candle burns out. There is no danger in this, but you need to monitor this.

The second way to scent a room is with aroma diffusers. The aroma diffuser is a glass bottle into which bamboo or rattan sticks are inserted. The bottle itself contains an aromatic essential oil, which is absorbed by the sticks and evaporated in the room. The intensity of the aroma can be adjusted by the number of sticks. We recommend turning the sticks over every couple of days for the scent to brighten. The advantage of this method is the availability of ready-made fragrance compositions. You do not need to make your own aroma mixture, you just need to choose a suitable aroma from the ready-made ones.

Aromatherapy at home in autumn

During aromatherapy, essential oils evaporate fluids, which fill the room with favorable energy. Create a SPA atmosphere in your home in autumn, in which essential oils will bring you harmony.

In the first place, we decided to place citrus essential oils. Lemon, orange, grapefruit and tangerine & mdash; stimulate performance and cheer up. Their aromas perfectly fill the room and give the feeling of sun and warmth.

The incredible pine, spruce, cedar and juniper pine essential oils have a powerful antiseptic effect. Ideally relieve stress and irritability. They are effectively used to prevent colds.

It is impossible to imagine the autumn period without eucalyptus oil. Its wonderful aroma relieves nasal congestion, coughs and stimulates brain activity.

We recommend using lavender-scented oil for the evening and before bed. It can help you relax and relieve stress.

To improve physical and mental performance, it is recommended to use aromatic peppermint oil in the morning. To relieve stress after a day at work, use it in the bathroom in the evening.

The current market for aromatherapy oils has over 3,000 different products and fragrances. The online store Mamozin offers unique aroma diffusers for aromatherapy in your home.

Our team has developed a range of scent diffusers for home, office, hotel and restaurant applications. The main advantage of our products is aroma persistence. Natural and environmentally friendly raw materials that we use in the production of perfumes have been tested internationally and nationally. The test results are confirmed by certificates, which guarantees the quality and safety of our products.