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Taking care of their guests, owners and founders of the hotel and restaurant business, it is necessary to create comfort and coziness in the interior of the premises. Scent diffusers can fill a room with a wonderful scent that makes you want to come back. It is also a great solution for interior decoration, to give it zest and notes of luxury.
Furniture showrooms
Furniture showrooms
When clients come to a salon to select furniture for their home, they want not only to fill the home space, but also to give it coziness and a special atmosphere. You can take care of your customers' desires and offer them an assortment of aroma diffusers to emphasize the interior solutions in their home.
Beauty Salons
Beauty Salons
When you come to beauty treatments, it is very important not only to take care of your appearance and body, but also to relax emotionally and get a boost of vivacity. Delicate, light aroma in the master's office will create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for the client. Believe me, you will want to return to such a salon.
Flower shops
Flower shops
By placing an aroma diffuser in your flower shop, you can be convinced of the naturalness and harmony of the product. Mira Max notes will set off the wonderful scent of flowers, giving them even more charm.
Cosmetic shops
Cosmetic shops
Pleasant aromatic content in the retail space has a positive effect on the mood of customers. If your customers enjoy being in a store, they are more likely to purchase groceries and stay longer, strolling between the shelves and enjoying the atmosphere of the hall.
Showrooms offer their clients new items from the world of fashion in order to stay in trend and be on top. You can increase traffic and sales with a pleasant scent. Delicate aromas have a positive effect on the emotional background of visitors, so your brand will be associated exclusively with positive impressions.
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How long does eau de parfum last?

Eau de parfum contains up to 30% essential oils. The smell lasts on the skin for 5 hours, and on clothes - up to 2 days. You can “put on” a new scent every day to suit your mood. Wholesale COCOLADY and MIRA MAX branded perfumes can be purchased in 1 click.

How to order eau de parfum?

To buy perfumery wholesale in Ukraine, just click on "Quick Buy". They pay for the goods by cash on delivery, cash upon delivery by courier, by transfer to a Privatbank card or payment to a current account:

UA533287040000026001054333775 in the bank PJSC "PRIVATBANK"

What are the delivery methods?

Delivery is carried out to any city in Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, Zaporozhye. In Odessa, the order is transported by a courier. Nova Poshta delivers a batch of branded perfumery wholesale to other cities. At the request of the client, we attract In-Time, Autolux, Mist Express.

How to choose a perfume?

To get acquainted with the composition of the perfume, it is necessary to put a few drops on a blotter (a thin strip of paper), wait a few seconds until the aroma "clears up". Then you can drip a little on your wrist. The most important thing is not to rub, as the aroma can change significantly. The initial note that you catch is the top (or top) note in the perfume pyramid.

How to apply perfume?

Perfumers prefer to apply a drop of scent to their hand and then lightly touch the hollow near the collarbones, in the chest area and behind the earlobes. Why are these zones, you ask? The fact is that it is there, near the surface of the epidermis, that the capillaries are located. Due to the pulsating blood, the aroma is actively revealed on the skin and is felt throughout the day.

Where to buy an original perfume?

To be sure of the originality of perfumery, it is necessary to request quality certificates directly from the manufacturer (or points of sale). Fragrances from the company "Mamozin" are presented on the largest Internet sites (Makeup.ua, Rozetka), as well as in retail chains (Chervoniy market). The range of the Mamozin company is wide and meets the main needs of consumers. You can purchase certified perfumes from original French oil in bulk in the online store online, or locally in the following cities: Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev, etc. The Mamozin company has proven that a Ukrainian manufacturer can adequately compete with French manufacturers. Italy and other European countries.

How can I exchange or return an item purchased on the website?

According to Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" dated 12.05.1991, No. 1023-XII and Appendix No. 3 to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On the implementation of certain provisions of the Law of Ukraine" On Protection of Consumer Rights "dated 19.03.1994, No. 172, goods of good quality that cannot be exchanged (returned) include: perfumes and cosmetics, hygiene items, combs, massage combs and brushes, products in aerosol packaging, tools for manicure, pedicure (scissors, nail files, etc.). The company "Mamozin" LLC values ​​its customers, so if you find a defect (defect) from the factory, our company will exchange the product. Please, if you find a factory defect, contact us by e-mail: info@mamozin.com.ua.

08 January 2021
Преподнесла подарок своему отцу, переживала не угадать с композицией, но он остался очень доволен! Спасибо Mira Max за классный аромат!)
01 January 2021
Приобрела своему молодому человеку на день рождения. Он остался очень доволен этой композицией!
31 December 2020
Приємний квітковий аромат. Користуюсь давно. Всім подобається. Купувала сестрі та подругам на подарунок. Всі в захваті!
30 December 2020
Невероятно роскошный аромат! Вначале отчётливо слышны яркие, кисловатые ноты смородины, затем добавляется сладость, через пару часов аромат становится мягче и обьемнее. Особое внимание хочу обратить на стойкость-даже после душа отчётливо слышны духи. Могу охарактеризовать его как стильный, элегантный, загадочный и очень женственный. Отлично подойдёт на холодное время года.
29 December 2020
Для меня Атом 2 стал ассоциироваться со скрипящим свежевыстиранным бельем. Эта композиция свежести и чистоты, безумно дорого звучит, не вычурно, очень сдержанно и интересно. Теперь куплю еще в подарок, безумно классный парфюм! Спасибо Mira Max
29 December 2020
Стойкий и многогранно раскрывающийся запах. На удивление, не надоедает. Были попытки менять, и попытки удачные. Но все равно возвращаюсь к этому одеколону. Пробовал парфюмированную воду. Тоже интересно. Но мой выбор-одеколон:чуть строже, менее броско на первый взгляд и легкий шлейф, оставляющий заинтересованность в заключение.
28 December 2020
Благодарю! Все отлично! запах мой любимый, стойкость отличная, да когда привыкаешь к запаху его не чувствуешь, но это не значит , что его нет) просто это твой аромат. Со стойкостью все отлично.
27 December 2020
Все супер. Запах отличный. Упаковка целая. Есть все штрих коды и т.п.
26 December 2020
Этот аромат поймет не каждая. Я обожаю "сложный" парфюм. Этот аромат стал моей любовью! Очень рекомендую!
23 December 2020
Нежный и приятный шлейф окутывает теплотой и романтикой. Безумно приятный парфюм, могу смело рекомендовать так как я очень скрупулезно выбираю ароматы, и этот просто влюбил в себя с первой секунды!


The Ukrainian company MAMOZIN offers a unique author's perfume from the manufacturer in bulk. High-class perfumes, eau de parfum, aromatic diffusers are available to any citizen of Ukraine. It is enough to mark the product in the catalog and the company will deliver the perfume to any city in the country.

A woman changes her outfit every day, but she can use the same perfume or eau de toilette all her life. "Own" aroma will always convey the mood and emphasize individuality. Such perfumery wholesale is offered by us - the Ukrainian company MAMOZIN.

Each composition of our brands COCOLADY and MIRA MAX is unique. The basis of perfumery is original French oils. The wonderful scent is gradually revealed on the skin and lasts for a long time.


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