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Where to buy perfume as a gift on March 8?

Where to buy perfume as a gift on March 8?

Spring is coming and International Women's Day is approaching. Perhaps this is the only holiday of the year when pleasant surprises await almost all ladies. Traditionally, the beautiful half of humanity is given flowers, perfume and sweets. There are no difficulties with buying flowers and sweets, but things are different with a perfume gift. The guys are racking their brains what perfume to give a girl on March 8 and what gift to give to mom. Back in February, husbands are tormented by the question of what perfume to buy as a gift on March 8 to their wives. And male colleagues are puzzled what kind of perfume to give to colleagues on March 8.

French quality at affordable prices

In your difficult searches, pay attention to the perfumes of the Ukrainian manufacturer Mamozin and the Mira Max brand. All products are made from quality French natural oils. Thanks to this, each fragrance created has a unique long sillage and durability. CRÉATIONS ET PARFUMS oils are used to create perfume compositions. We are the exclusive distributor of the French manufacturer, therefore we are pleased to offer our perfumes at the best prices, without any extra charges. At the same time, we guarantee European quality in every unit of production.

Gift set "You are dreamy" with a 15% discount:

The cost of a set without a discount is 990 UAH. At a complex custom - discount, UAH 841

Gift set "You are seductive" with an 18% discount:

The cost of a set without a discount is 1320 UAH. At a complex custom - discount, UAH 1082

The cost of a set without a discount is 2190 UAH. At a complex custom - discount, UAH 1642

Order a gift box
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Rich sillage and great longevity in every fragrance

Choosing Mira Max as a gift for March 8 is making the right choice. Perfume from the Mamozin company will delight ladies with an original, persistent and dizzying aroma. By including aromatic products from Mira Max in the gift set, you get French quality at affordable prices.

Floral-oriental compositions will turn your head with notes of sandalwood and musk. Chypre fans will be seduced by the light tones of sage and patchouli. Aromatic aromas fill the air with geranium and lavender. Aldehyde perfumes are able to adapt to the characteristics of the skin and sound in a new and unique way for each wearer.

On the website of the Mamozin online store, you can buy not only perfume in a mini gift set, but also buy perfume 50 ml in gift wrapping in bulk for congratulations to female colleagues on March 8, International Women's Day.

Especially for the International Women's Day and the Spring Festival, Mira Max presents to your attention promotional sets of perfumery products. In each set, we offer to purchase our best products that will give joy and attract the attention of strangers. Buying any of the gift sets you can be sure that the gift will definitely pleasantly surprise you.


Dear ladies, on behalf of the Mamozin company, we sincerely and with all our heart want to congratulate you on International Women's Day. Each of you would like to wish the greatest love, the most sincere and tender feelings and, of course, endless joy. Bring beauty and love to this world, wisdom and faith in beauty, let your every day be filled with kindness, understanding and care!