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Home and office scent diffuser: what is it for and where can you use it?

Home and office scent diffuser: what is it for and where can you use it?

In this article we will tell you about an elegant and “tasty” interior element and how to use it.

The aroma diffuser is a new trend in the world of fragrances

Not so long ago, a completely new product entered the aromatic world, which immediately fell in love with adherents of perfumery. We are talking about aroma diffusers, which have become one of the favorite elements in decor. The product is presented in the form of an aromatic liquid placed in a glass bottle. The set includes reed sticks, thanks to which a delicate aroma spreads in the room. The whole trick is in the very structure of the stick - it is porous, and the aroma liquid, gradually absorbing into it, goes to the very top of the stick and spreads the aroma throughout the room.

Why choose an aroma diffuser for your interior?

  • Long life of the fragrance: as a rule, the fragrance diffuser is heard in the room for at least 90 days. But only if we are talking about a quality product, which contains natural aromatic oils, at least 30% of the total composition of the product;
  • Wide area of ​​action: the aroma from one diffuser is heard in all corners of a large room up to 60 m2.
  • Maximum comfort in use: you install the aroma diffuser once and just enjoy your favorite scent indoors every day;
  • Individuality: you have the ability to independently control the intensity of the scent by adjusting the number of reed sticks inside the scent bottle.

Using a scent diffuser:

First, remove the scent bottle from the carton. There you will also find reed sticks and a product instruction brochure that some manufacturers put in the box. First, you need to unscrew the decorative neck from the bottle, take out the protective cap, and then return the decorative element to the neck of the bottle. Then you dip the required number of sticks into the liquid, depending on how intense the flavor you want.

It is very important to comply with the storage conditions for the product specified in the instructions. This will allow you to enjoy the scent to the fullest. Choose your preferred location where you would like to install the diffuser. After these rather simple steps, your home will be filled with a magical flavor of your favorite scent.

If you like it when the product is heard as intensely as possible, it is recommended to turn the sticks every 1-2 days so that the side that was in the liquid is on the surface. Thus, the aroma will more actively saturate the air in the room.

The aroma diffuser can also be placed in the bathroom. In this case, the aromatic liquid will evaporate faster due to the increased humidity in the space.

Where can a scent diffuser be used?

Fragrance diffusers are a versatile perfume product. The diffuser can be positioned in any room in your home, it is also a great solution for office spaces. In addition, the aroma diffuser will easily fit in the interior of your car.

It should be noted that aroma diffusers have become a wonderful addition to the HoReCa field. If you are the owner of a cafe, restaurant or hotel, you can always decorate the room with such a beautiful perfumed element, thereby expressing a compliment to your visitors.

Why are Mira Max scent diffusers special?

The company "Mamozin" produces aromatic diffusers of the Mira Max trademark exclusively from natural perfumed oils, which are delivered from the picturesque and environmentally friendly south of France. Due to the high quality composition, the product is free from unpleasant chemical fragrances. The aroma diffuser gives a delicate pleasant aroma based on valuable organic oils.

This diffuser can be safely installed in any room, be it a kitchen or a children's room. Perfect, high-quality composition of the product does not cause allergic reactions and is absolutely safe when used correctly.

The natural perfumed oils of the aroma diffuser evaporate slowly and delicately, ensuring that the surrounding space is filled with pleasant, soft notes.

The aroma diffuser from Mira Max is not just a source of a magical aroma in your home or office, it is also a wonderful decorative element that will give your interior a special zest. You can buy or order on our website. Also, you can always present such a product to your friends, giving an unforgettable experience for a long time!