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Wholesale eau de parfum for women
Wholesale eau de parfum for women

Wholesale eau de parfum for women

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What is a women's perfume? This is by no means just some kind of aroma. For the fair sex, this is an integral part of the image, a key component of the images that are created daily.

Someone finds "their own scent" and for many years prefers only it, without even looking in the direction of some new products and other aromas. Someone prefers to experiment.

But the most advanced ladies of our time are clearly aware that the option: “choose between and between” is not an option at all! Therefore, the assortment on the dressing table should be no worse than in the store.


Only one thing can be said for sure: all women (without exception). You can go outside and forget to put on earrings, you can forget your smartphone at home, or even not take your wallet. But don't wear your favorite perfume on your wrists? Trust me, you will feel very, very strange all day. So, who cannot do without eau de parfum:

  1. Let's start with mommies, for example. Often these are representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who are completely focused on their child. They are concerned about the happiness of their child, they are engaged in the baby around the clock. Such women do not have time to sleep, they do not always buy bread in the store (even if they go after it purposefully) and, from time to time, can be so busy that they simply forget that they are women. Yes, they may well not have time to do their styling in the morning and will collect their hair in a bun, but their favorite fragrance becomes a constant reminder that life is beautiful. By the way, an interesting fact: women's eau de parfum, which is chosen by mothers, is always distinguished by increased durability. What do you think is the reason?
  2. Business ladies. Those who know the power of fragrances are women who are planning to "make" a career. Everyone is well aware that knowledge, experience, professional skills and other things are good, but business is, after all, more a sphere in which men rule. Therefore, in addition to your absolutely professional sides of the personality, it is important from time to time to use the fact that you are, after all, a woman. In Europe or the United States, this approach to business would be designated as sexism. But, we are sure here that even there the “iron ladies” still realize how important a properly selected eau de parfum for women plays and they skillfully (albeit very veiledly) use this tool. Well, why not? All means are good here.
  3. Romantic ladies and women in love. These are the representatives of the fair sex, whose mood can change not only several times a day, but several times an hour. Therefore, such ladies often prefer eau de toilette. This is due to the fact that it is not as persistent as eau de parfum for women. The scent lasts less, which means that almost every couple of hours you can apply new scents to yourself to match your mood. And, of course, you want to smell delicious, stylish and expensive. And this means that it is impermissible to make too cheap on this important issue. Of course, in the bags of such ladies there may not be two or even three bottles of your favorite fragrances, "just in case."


Depending on what kind of mood you are in, what clothes you prefer to wear on a particular occasion, what impression you want to make and (you can go on and on) - it is important to choose the right scent.

Of course, this issue should be approached not only responsibly, but also with full knowledge and deep understanding of the matter. There is a perfume that will suit you, but there is one that will only spoil everything, physically will not be able to open up on your body as you would like. Still very individual. And on your dressing table (or wherever you store your fragrances) there should be all sorts of odors.

We will not even say that if you are the owner of your own fragrance business and buy a perfume for women, your assortment should be very, very large.

We emphasize that every lady of our time should have the following fragrances:

  • Fresh. For all occasions. Ideal for warm seasons. Such water leaves behind a very light and absolutely unobtrusive plume. To create such fragrances, perfumers use all their knowledge, create and combine into a single palette that which, it would seem, is impossible to combine. How do you like the combination of orange blossom and rosemary? What about a red apple with grass and magnolia? What about lotus and vanilla? Musk and sandalwood? In general, what will not these geniuses come up with so that you can enjoy fresh aromas. You can, it seems, endlessly discover them for yourself.
  • Floral is a real hit. Roses, peonies, violets, jasmine, lilies of the valley, lilacs ... This is not a complete list of the most popular flowers that women's eau de parfum can include. There are fragrances containing a high percentage of essential oils - their scent is richer and heavier. Well suited for the cold season and for use in the evening. And there are those where the concentration is lower and, as a result, the smell is also not sharp. Such a perfume can also claim a fresh scent. The rich assortment of Mamozin will definitely help you find and choose what you like the most.
  • Oriental - spicy, seductive, a little daring ... Such smells cannot be confused with anything. They fall in love with the fair sex and literally one drop on the body may be enough to turn the head of a man (or maybe not even one). Often, the initial notes of some non-trivial spices are felt instantly, they can be combined with anything. But as soon as you start to fantasize in order to understand what kind of fragrance it is, a bouquet of heart notes immediately unfolds, which finally confuses. And this all has its own charm, charm and, perhaps, even magic.
  • "Edible" is a real trend of our time. Manufacturers keep pampering women and all that remains is to choose: fruits in caramel, candies, kozinaki, pralines, cakes, muffins, sugar threads, chocolate, vanilla cream ... It's so good that it is impossible to recover from the aroma
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