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Aroma diffuser Mira Max ITALIAN CAPUCCINO 110 ml

110 мл
product code: 4820218793381
Sex: unisex
Heart note: Chocolate, Cappuccino, Milk, Coffee
Number of packages in a box:
Price per piece: 290 UAH
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Description Aroma diffuser Mira Max ITALIAN CAPUCCINO 110 ml

Imagine an early Italian morning sitting in a small, cozy cafe. Florentine streets are already filled with people hurrying somewhere, and you are slowly enjoying a cup of aromatic cappuccino with thick creamy foam. This magic aroma of real Italian coffee and delicate milky accords will be presented by the Mira Max aroma diffuser.

Wrap the space around you with a refined, sophisticated aroma with our aroma diffusers from MIRA MAX, with which the room will be filled with the scent of exotic flowers, juicy, ripe fruits, as well as tropical notes.

*Additional package + 6 ml. Scent tester Italian Capuccino by Mira Max.

The unsurpassed design of the aroma diffuser will be the perfect decoration for your home or office, complementing any interior. In addition, the natural perfumed diffuser Mira Max will be an ideal solution for the HoReCa segment (hotel, restaurant, café), because visitors notice even the smallest details, forming an overall impression of the place.Mira Max fragrances will delight you with long-term durability and delicate, pleasant notes.

Method of application: Open the bottle and remove the decorative cap. Then remove the protective cap and place the decorative cap back on the neck of the bottle (screw it on). Then place the aroma diffuser on a flat surface. Place the sticks inside the bottle.The intensity of the scent can be adjusted by decreasing or increasing the number of sticks in the bottle.Install the diffuser in a place convenient for you, out of the reach of children and animals, away from heat sources, open flames and hot objects.For a more intense aroma in the room, we recommend that you periodically turn the sticks upside down. Thus, the air will be filled with the fragrance of the intensely soaked sticks that were in the aromatic liquid.

Aroma diffuser Mira Max ITALIAN CAPUCCINO 110 ml
20 November 2020
1 5 5
Обожаю кофе и очень обрадовалась новинкам моего любимого Mira Max! Этот аромат для просто супер! Такой натуральный, слегка кремовый, нежно обволакивающий шлейф капучино, его так и хочется попробовать))) очень рекомендую всем гурманам, в комнате пахнет волшебно!