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World Kiss Day 6 July

World Kiss Day 6 July

If someone was interested in the question of when is the day of the kiss, we hasten to inform you that traditionally on July 6 World Kiss Day is celebrated, which began in Great Britain at the end of the 19th century. Misty Albion was the first to decide that kisses are worthy of having their own individual day of celebration.

Kiss Day in Ukraine has also gained popularity, and the Mamozin company is always ready to support any event that causes fun, joy and pleasant emotions. After all, giving people positive impressions is one of the main tasks of the company.

We know how important it is to pleasantly please your loved ones. In order not to ask the agonizing question of what to give this time, we recommend giving emotion. This is the gift that will always be associated with you and the time spent together. There is nothing better than getting a decent perfume as a gift. As we know, fragrances have the ability to evoke associations and be remembered for a long time.

The Ukrainian production of the Mamozin company offers excellent lines of perfumery of its own brands, which are not inferior to world perfume manufacturers. A distinctive feature of Cocolady and Mira Max perfumes is its composition. The perfumes of these brands are created from natural perfume oils brought from the south of France.

 In the collection of the Mamozin company you will find not only fragrances that can be timed to a festive event, like the Day of Kisses, but also compositions for every day to emphasize the image. For example, women's eau de parfum from the manufacturer "Missi Rose" by Cocolady will be a wonderful gift for the World Kiss Day, or just to please loved ones any day.
The perfume “Red Apple” by Mira Max also has the same gentle notes as the kiss itself. Notes of vanilla, apple tree, caramel and musk will create that unforgettable mood that will make your holiday special!