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The first of September with care for children and myself

The first of September with care for children and myself

At the same time, parents are exposed to a double burden, they have to combine their work with preparing the child for school.

We have prepared tips for you on how to properly prepare for September 1st without stress for yourself and your child

Adjust the schedule a few weeks before the start of the school year. Start teaching your child to go to bed earlier. Modern gadgets and applications on smartphones will help you with this, so that the child has an interest in controlling his schedule. In some way it will become a game for him.

Try to involve your child in family affairs. This will reduce his time spent playing computer games and will make him feel more mature. For example, ask them to remind you of something, this will give the child the understanding that you need to look after not only yourself.

Getting your child to school in the morning is a lot of hassle. The secret to a calm morning is a well-organized evening. Try to control the preparation of the child for school in the evening, but in no case do it for him. So the child will quickly get used to responsibility.

Treat your free time correctly while studying. The students need rest, it will compensate for the hours of quiet sitting at the desk. Better if the rest is joint. Use this free time to talk to your child. The topic of conversation does not have to be school, find out about his interests. Even if the communication lasts 10 minutes, the child will remember these 10 minutes, which will further affect the degree of trust in your relationship.

And the most important thing is the emotional attitude of the parents and the child. Parents' attitudes towards school preparation often negatively affect their children. Parents are under enormous stress, as there are so many things to do. The child passes all your experiences through himself and experiences with you. Try to give your child the right attitude during the preparation phase. Needless to say, how difficult it will all be and what difficulties will lie in wait for him. It is a common state of affairs for a child to go to school. He needs time to get into a learning rhythm, try to encourage and inspire him to feel supported.

In all this commotion, do not forget to take care not only of the child, but also of yourself!

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