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The best women's fragrances of spring by Mira Max in 2021

The best women's fragrances of spring by Mira Max in 2021

Mira Max perfumers will help you choose high-quality, light, delicate fragrances that you won't want to part with until summer. Pleasant compositions from the perfumery manufacturer Mamozin will surprise you and your surroundings. And you will fall in love with this spring with Mira Max perfume.


She is - occupies the top of our line of spring perfumes. Contains a minimalistic composition for those who do not like loud perfumes. A clean, crisp scent with sparkling notes of freesia and May rose. A very subtle, graceful melody that will lie very close to your skin. And believe me, this spring will be the best season of your life.

She is

BEAUTIFUL LIFE is a wonderful fragrance for women and young girls that will never just gather dust on your shelf. A flirtatious, playful aroma of spring with a clean, moderately sweet sound of a rose, light sweetness with a slight spring tenderness. Contains notes such as: Jasmine, Orange blossom, Iris, Praline, Patchouli, Vanilla, Tonka beans. Such a rich aroma of notes with a light sound will always delight every guy next to you.


MILADY is a delightful feminine fragrance that will reveal itself on your body in a very gentle, spring-like way. Imagine a ripe, juicy orange. So delicious that its juice makes you revel in the sunshine fruit. Now add a light bergamot note to it, and some jasmine and rose. And the scent from Mira Max will reveal its sound so uniquely that you will no longer be able to use other scents.

This is what Mira Max's Milady sounds like. Bergamot, Orange, Jasmine, Rose, with a sensual trail of Patchouli and Vetiver.


PRETTY GIRL is a scent about love and hate. Airy and floral, like nascent feelings, but fruity and daring, like a passing passion.

In the heart of the perfume, the narcissus proudly sounds - one of the most fragrant and recognizable flowers. Thanks to jasmine, the fragrance has character and recognizable handwriting, and the noble trail of cedar adds freshness and aristocracy to the composition.


HOLIDAY - perfume for those who prefer transparent, cool compositions.

Wild rose and sage carries a unique "refreshing" scent that gives the perfume a subtle shade of purity. Spring is awakening, the first warming rays of the sun give new strength and desire to enjoy this time of the year. We strongly recommend that you pay attention to the HOLIDAY fragrance by Mira Max, because we are sure that it will give unforgettable emotions and sensations.

But the main batch remains with the juicy, sunny nectarine. He sings loudly and nobly, leaving behind a refreshing trail with sensual notes of musk.


SO FRESH is the last fragrance in our selection on the list, but far from the last sounding fixture that we present to you, dear customers of the Mira Max brand. This fragrance is very suitable for women, girls - who celebrate themselves for 16 years. The light combination of notes in this perfume will simply take you into adolescence, and will make you remember that first love, that wonderful autumn time, walks in the park, with a slight feeling of freedom and love. And you will love this fragrance like the first time.

And now we will tell you the combination of notes so that you can better familiarize yourself with this perfume. In the beginning, you will hear light citrus notes, smoothly turning into jasmine and hyacinth. And at the very end you will be able to feel that unforgettable scent of youth - namely: white musk, teak wood, amber and patchouli - this is what you will love and will never forget.

SO FRESH        


Choosing Mira Max perfumes wholesale or retail, you not only guarantee yourself wonderful aromatic sensations for the whole spring, but also get a unique product from the manufacturer at the most affordable prices. To get acquainted with the products, leave a request, and our managers will contact you as soon as possible. We work hard every day to bring unforgettable emotions into your life.