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The best fig perfumes: sweet figs in perfumery

The best fig perfumes: sweet figs in perfumery

The color of ripe figs depends on the variety. They are yellow-green to deep purple in color. Ripe figs have a short shelf life, which makes them difficult to transport, which is why we often see dried figs.

Many do not know, but only microscopic wasps called blastophages are involved in the pollination of figs. Only they can transfer pollen from male flowers to female ones. Wild figs have two types of inflorescences:

  • caprifiches that have male and female flowers;
  • figs with underdeveloped male flowers and female flowers. Fetal development occurs only in this type of inflorescence.

Cultivated figs produce only figs. Therefore, for fruit and pollination, wild figs are planted among cultivated trees. Also in nature there is a variety of fig trees that bear fruit without pollination.

Figs have a characteristic aroma that you will feel just walking next to the tree. If you rub a leaf of a fig tree in your hands, you will feel a spicy-pungent aroma, the fruit itself has an incredibly sweet aroma.

In France, in the past, a natural perfume material was extracted from fig leaves, the so-called absolute. It opened with incredible woody, sweet, honey and at the same time tobacco notes. It was used in small quantities to improve other fragrances and was produced no more than 200 kg per year. However, further studies have shown that it contains compounds harmful to the human body. Since then, IFRA (International Fragrance Association) has banned the use of fig leaf absolute in perfumery.

scents with a note of figs

Due to its flexibility, the fig accord can be varied endlessly. Going deeper into green or milky notes, complement various scents to emphasize their main scent and add to any type of perfumery.

Figs go well with citrus fruits, and especially with grapefruit. With fruity notes, they complement each other harmoniously. The milky aspects of the figs are beautifully accentuated by coumarin and vanilla.

Also in fig aromas you can easily feel the notes of clove, cardamom and saffron.

It is thanks to this “flexibility” created a huge amount of fig aromas and trying to capture the entire array is just an incredible task. Many manufacturers have about one fig scent in their catalogs.

Having tried a huge number of variants of scents with figs, perfumers slowed down a little in their production, but the note of figs has recently become more and more popular again.

Many are waiting for the autumn period because it is at this time of the year that the fig season begins. A ripe and sweet fruit with small bones that has a tart honey flavor. The scent of figs is very delicate with light woody notes.

Perfume with notes of figs

Needless to say, the specialists in the field of perfumery could not pass by such a multifaceted and tasty aromas and began to use the smell of figs in perfumery. Fig tree perfume has fresh and delicate aromas. In some perfumes, the fig aroma is dominated to reveal the full flavor of the juicy and ripe fruit. In some perfumes, figs are just an addition, giving the aroma pyramid softness and tenderness.

It takes a lot of effort to create a perfume in which the aroma of figs will be clearly felt. The fig tree is one of the oldest cultivated by man, but in order to create its perfume version, it took a long time and modern advances in the field of chemistry. After all, not every fragrant item can be used to extract raw materials for perfumery. For example, leather notes, which are widely used in perfumery, cannot simply be obtained from a piece of leather material.

Professionals collect fig notes from several parts:

  • fruit-dessert and woody notes of honey and peach;
  • tart greens and milky accords.

In order to prolong the feeling of the velvet season and for everyone who loves such aromatic compositions, there are several perfume compositions in the catalog of our online store that include figs.

Eau de parfum for women “GREEN” Mira Max

fig perfume

The aroma opens with notes of spicy green tangerine, lemon bergamot and the aromatic warmth of fig zest. The middle notes of the perfume include sea lily, jasmine flower petals and peppery cardamom. Woody and earthy notes of cedarwood, olive wood, sandalwood and musk complete the scent.

Perfumed oil for women Mira Max Galaxy

духи с ароматом фиги

A reimagined version of the Mira Max “GREEN” eau de parfum scent made in the form of perfumed oil. Its main advantage is durability and convenience. The oil should be applied to the pulsating points of the body for a smoother and longer scent release.