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Best Niche Fragrances for Women 2021

Best Niche Fragrances for Women 2021

The best selective perfumes of this fall season express all the motives of this beautiful golden age - spicy spices, wood, soft leather, ripe and juicy fruits, comfort that reminds of sunny days.

Mamozin presents a selection of popular niche fragrances for Fall 2021. Our perfumes will warm you in cool weather and wrap you in incredible perfume compositions.

Cocolady Touch Me Eau de Parfum Niche Series

niche fragrances for fall 2021

Immerse yourself in the exotic euphoria with Cocolady Touch Me, a luxurious feminine scent. This seductive scent is a blend of woody, citrusy and floral notes that creates a masterful combination of unique scents. Tops of lemons and bergamot open up the aroma with rich and vibrant fruity citrus notes accentuated by African orange blossom and red marigolds. The heart notes continue the floral atmosphere with pink cyclamen, charming violet and night jasmine. The addition of base notes of Virginia cedar, vetiver, musk and amber balances the other ingredients to create a harmonious, luxurious perfume unlike any other.

Eau de Parfum Cocolady Adore You Niche Series

niche fragrances 2021

A bright and sunny perfume that will surprise you with its sophistication and seductiveness. An overdose of key ingredients for an explosion of subtle yet long-lasting scents, the trail is a sensual peony wrapped in a revealing orange blossom. Perfume that can cheer you up from the first notes.

Eau de Parfum Cocolady Aventu Woman

best niche fragrances for women 2021

Aventu Woman is a floral, fruity and warm fragrance combined into one. A couple of sprays are all you need to energize your senses. It has a rather intriguing mixture of notes that exudes confidence. It opens with juicy notes of violet, lemon, green apple, patchouli, pink pepper and bergamot. The heart is composed of styrax, rose, sandalwood and musk. It ends powerfully with notes of amber, lilac, sweet peach, ylang-ylang and black currant.

Eau de Parfum Mira Max BLACKBERRY

niche perfume

An invigorating women's fragrance Mira Max BLACKBERRY. This gorgeous blend of fruity and woody accords evokes blooming gardens and flowering countryside. Notes of plump, ripe blackberry and juicy grapefruit blend together to create a battle between sweet and tart. The inclusion of bay leaves creates a sharp yet fresh atmosphere, powerful and herbal, combined with many floral notes in a bouquet of harmonious greenery. Light cedarwood and earthy vetiver balance the intensity with soothing neutral notes, creating an expertly rich botanical scent that rejuvenates and inspires.

Eau de parfum Mira Max PRETTY GIRL

best niche fragrances

Leave your old self and unleash the wild, provocative woman within you. This mysterious scent combines floral, powdery and woody accords to create a deliciously fresh and feminine scent that is sure to stir up excitement. Osmanthus, May rose and jasmine lead the way with their characteristic chic and inviting bouquet, while Indian tuberose and narcissus elements create a warm, soothing atmosphere at the heart of the composition. Completing the unique elixir, base notes of white cedarwood and amber extract give the fragrance an earthy sensuality, creating a completely bright and mysterious fragrance that you will want to wear in the morning and evening.

Eau de Parfum Mira Max Aventu King

best niche fragrances of 2021

Aventu King is a powerful blend of aromatic and green accords. An ultra masculine fragrance full of strong and long-lasting fragrances. The perfume opens with notes of pink pepper and Sicilian lemon, revealing the aroma with spices and astringency. Then the heart opens with notes of Bulgarian rose, mint and pepper. The scent ends with notes of lavender, patchouli, vetiver and Indian sandalwood. Floral aromas are softened by fresh greens and warm woody notes, creating a balanced, masculine perfume.

Cocolady Feel Me Eau de Parfum Niche Series

niche fragrances for fall

Feel Me is based on Ambroxan. Although created in the laboratory, ambroxan is identical in nature to the smooth, rich and highly prized amber. Other scents that mix with ambroxan are green jasmine and aromatic iris. It is fresh, fun, alluring and sensual, suitable for both women and men. It is designed to respond to the body chemistry of the wearer and has a persistent odor that continues to evolve over time. The scent has a unique appeal, which is usually received with many compliments.

Eau de Parfum Cocolady Kiss Me Niche Series

niche fragrances

Cocolady Kiss Me, despite its feminine packaging, serves as a unisex perfume, so men and women can enjoy its stellar scent. Its opening notes include black currant leaves, peach, passionfruit and raspberry. The heart includes the scent of lily of the valley, a sweet-smelling flowering plant found in cooler climates. A base of musk, vanilla, heliotrope, patchouli and sandalwood completes the profile.

Cocolady Niche Series is a niche perfume of the Ukrainian perfume manufacturer Mamozin. The company was founded in 2017, and during this time has managed to replenish its catalog with more than 400 unique products. The products are made in our own factory from natural perfumed French oil, which is supplied to us under an exclusive contract from the south of France. All of our products have passed quality and safety checks confirmed by national and international certificates.