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What smells are aphrodisiacs? TOP 10 aromatic oils with aphrodisiacs

What smells are aphrodisiacs? TOP 10 aromatic oils with aphrodisiacs

How exactly do aromatic aphrodisiacs work?

It is thanks to the aroma that the "chemistry" takes place in the human head, which has long been proven by scientists. We unconsciously determine by the natural aroma of a person whether we like him or not. Since ancient times in the east, people have used incense as a perfume to subdue their natural scent. It was believed that it was the incense that awakened passion in the partner. It was from this moment that perfumery began its development. The most alluring fragrances for men were the first to be calculated by oriental perfumers.

Ancient perfumers experimented a lot with fragrances, and all just in order to attract the opposite sex. For their perfumes, they used tree bark, animal secretions and even the sweat of gladiators. It's good that in the modern world, to attract the opposite sex, you can just buy the right perfume.

Thanks to aphrodisiacs, endorphins are formed, which give a feeling of euphoria and significantly increase sexual desire. In addition, aphrodisiacs have a great effect on the human body. They correct the functioning of the nervous system, endocrine systems, have an analgesic effect and restore vitality.

Which aroma oils are aphrodisiacs?


The scent adds a romantic mood and a relaxing effect. Bergamot oil is often used for massage. Bergamot is considered to be the main and juicy aroma among citrus fruits. It is very difficult not to pay attention to a woman in whose perfume there are notes of bergamot. Our range of perfumed oils, which include bergamot scent, are: Mira Max Shine Bright Flavored Oil, Mira Max Galaxy Flavored Oil, Mira Max Desire Flavored Oil.


Despite its light and sweet aroma, the essential oil of this flower is considered one of the strongest aphrodisiacs. Its aroma has a relaxing and calming effect, and also induces lust. In the homeland of this flower, there is even a tradition: a couple of ylang-ylang flowers are placed under the pillows for the newlyweds. Our line of perfumed oils that include the scent of ylang-ylang includes: Mira Max Diamond Lady scented oil.


It is considered not only the queen among the flowers, but also among the flavors. Rose essential oil is one of the most ancient. Rose has a warm and deep scent. The smell should be gentle and unobtrusive, creating an atmosphere of pleasure and bliss, awaken desire and enhance sensuality. Our line of perfumed oils with rose scent includes: Mira Max Pink Blossom Flavored Oil.


Musk essential oil has long been known for its charm. It is able to reveal femininity, emphasize sensuality and sexuality. Women should apply some musk perfume to the points that are located in the wrist, at the bend of the elbow and in the hollow of the collarbone. When the body temperature rises, the bouquet of aromas from natural oils is fully revealed and is felt by languid and intoxicating notes. Our line of perfumed oils, including musk, includes: Mira Max Sweet Heart Flavored Oil, Mira Max So Stunning Flavored Oil.


The most unusual scent in the perfumery craft. Patchouli oil is obtained from dry leaves of tropical plants with small purple-pink flowers. They have a bit of a luscious smell, but this does not affect its attractiveness in any way. Patchouli essential oil enhances sensitivity and gives confidence in sex appeal. Our line of perfumed oils, including patchouli, includes: Mira Max Your Smile Flavored Oil, Mira Max Perfect Woman Flavored Oil, Mira Max Miracle for You Flavored Oil.

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