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«I CAKE YOU»! International Cake Day!

«I CAKE YOU»! International Cake Day!

What informal holiday will be next? We are glad to inform you that an interesting event is celebrated on July 20 - International Cake Day!

Fairly, this holiday also won the love of many, because how can you not be tempted to a piece of such pleasure?

Our Mamozin team always supports events dedicated to joy, happiness and good relationships between people. It is our desire to give positive emotions that allows us to create wonderful perfumed products that you liked so much!

Today, all our employees have cut themselves a piece of an incredibly tasty, sweet dessert and celebrate the International Cake Day with the whole friendly company. The event is held under the motto: "I CAKE YOU!", That is, "I will come to you with a cake." And if you come not only with a delicacy, but also with a small present, it will be doubly pleasant!

Even such an informal holiday as International Cake Day is a great occasion to once again please your loved ones with cute gifts. A perfume that reflects the character of your friend or loved one will evoke the most gentle and kind emotions about you.

Make your loved ones happy with our brands Cocolady and Mira Max!

We have created for you a special selection of flavors that will be appropriate not only for celebrating International Cake Day, but also at any moment that you want to decorate.

You can always buy original branded perfumes by contacting us by phone or by email.

Eau de parfum for women Perfect Life, Mira Max is the perfect perfume for a delicate lady.

Eau de parfum for women Wooden Saje, Mira Max is the perfect summer option. Salty sea notes with grapefruit flavor.

Eau de parfum for women Olimpia, Cocolady - for girls who love to conquer peaks.

Eau de Parfum for men White 12 - for strong-willed and ambitious men.