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September 9 - World Beauty Day

September 9 - World Beauty Day

Every year on September 09, the world celebrates World Beauty Day.

The Ukrainian company manufacturer of perfumed products LLC Mamozin is glad to congratulate everyone on this wonderful day! On such a day, it is important to remember not only the beauty of our image, but also we wish you to create the beauty of our world every day.

A bit of history:
The mythological judgment of Paris can be considered the first day of beauty in world history - when the Trojan awarded the title of the most beautiful of the female goddesses to Aphrodite by giving her an apple. For this, the charming goddess promised Paris the love of the most beautiful of earthly women - Helen.

According to legend, after that the whole world began to revere beauty, in all its manifestations, because it makes our world more interesting and brighter.

The team of Mamozin LLC is glad to recommend interesting perfumed novelties, so that not only the solemn events will be unforgettable, but your every day will be filled with beauty and positive emotions.

In honor of the World Beauty Day, we would like to present one of the new products in the Mira Max 100 ml line, Pretty Girl eau de parfum for women. This perfume will fill your image not only with a refined train, but will also decorate every day.

Aroma type: fruity, floral; Top note: Jasmine, May rose, Osmanthus; Heart note: Indian tuberose, Narcissus; Final note: Ambergris, White cedar.

And a novelty for men: Ocean Man Eau de Parfum, from the Mira Max brand, 100 ml. This truly muscular perfume will please you not only on holiday. This scent is inspiring!

Aroma type: watery, aromatic; Top note: Orange, Bergamot, Jasmine, Lime, Lemon, Mandarin; Heart note: Hyacinth, Coriander, Marine accord, Nutmeg, Peach, Reseda, Rose, Violet, Freesia, Cyclamen; Final note: Ambergris, White musk, Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Patchouli.

Mira Max fragrances will always be a great solution to present as a presentation for a celebration. World Beauty Day is no exception. Let's notice the beauty and delight this world with beauty and our bright emotions!