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Perfumery Cocolady

Cocolady perfumes are long-lasting fragrances that excite the mind and attract attention from the first note. The product line consists of eau de parfum and oils. The collection includes fragrances for both women and men. All Cocolady perfumes come in unusual and elegant bottles, which makes them not only an additional decoration, but also a worthy gift.

To get your special Cocolady perfume, just leave a request on the website or contact our managers for a bulk order.

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High-quality and inexpensive perfume wholesale from MAMOZIN

Our company offers wholesale and retail customers perfume under the Cocolady brand. Under this brand we produce natural perfumes at affordable prices. This collection includes both women's and men's fragrances. The Cocolady range includes both niche and classic perfumes. Several successful perfume lines have been released under this brand:

  •     Eau de Parfum Cocolady 30 ml - natural perfumes in original bottles of 30 ml.
  •     Perfumed oils are long-lasting niche fragrances for special occasions or daily use.
  •     Pheromone Series - unforgettable and enchanting fragrances in bright and unusual 30 ml bottles.
  •     Niche Series is a limited edition niche perfume. Exceptionally sophisticated fragrances for women are presented.
  •     Eau de Parfum Plastic Edition - standard Cocolady perfumes in larger volume - 100 ml plastic bottles.
  •     Travel Edition - compact Cocolady perfumes in small 18 ml bottles.
  •     Perfumes in gift bags - Cocolady perfumes in beautiful and original packaging.

In addition, under the Cocolady brand, indoor fragrances and antiseptics are produced, which have received positive reviews from medical institutions and pharmacy chains.

Cocolady products can be ordered in bulk. We offer favorable terms of cooperation to large buyers and distributors of perfumery. We are already cooperating with such companies as: "Epicenter", "Shik i Blisk", "MakeUp", "Aroma-Box", as well as the network of pharmacies "Farmacia" and "Pharmacy Gaevskogo".
To become our partner, it is enough to fill out the feedback form or contact our manager by phone. All necessary contacts are on the page of our website.

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