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In addition to the production of perfumery wholesale in Ukraine, the company Mamozin LLC is engaged in the manufacture of antiseptic products for hands and body, household and other surfaces, as well as for the treatment and disinfection of hairdressing salons, manicure and medical instruments.

Cocolady brand antiseptics can be purchased in bulk at manufacturer prices. Here you will find the best conditions for cooperation in bulk, as well as prompt production and delivery of large volumes in the shortest possible time of sanitizers.

Antiseptic Cocolady has a bactericidal effect. Effectively protects the epidermis from microbes, bacteria and fungi, keeping the result for several hours. Does not violate the lipid balance, the skin retains its protective properties.

Application: apply to the skin of hands, surfaces, as well as accessories that require processing. Does not require the use of water. The consistency of the product is evenly distributed over the surface of the skin and is quickly absorbed.

Attention: do not use near fire and heat elements. It is forbidden to independently use disinfectants in bulk by children under 6 years old. Protect from contact with eyes and face. Internal use is prohibited. The product has been tested and passed all the mandatory stages of sanitary control (Visnovok). Manufactured on the basis of TU U 20.4-41604856-002: 2020 (Get cosmetic antiseptic. Technical mind).

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