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أو دو بارفان سلسلة كوكولادي المتخصصة

Eau de Parfum Cocolady Niche Series is our author's development of women's perfumes. The aroma is collected from natural French oils of the highest grade. These perfumes leave an inviting trail of scent and stay lasting longer than other perfumes. The collection contains 8 unique fragrances, each of which will emphasize your femininity, personality and taste.

To receive your Cocolady Niche Series bottle, just send us an application. Wholesale buyers can contact our managers and receive a batch of goods with unique conditions.

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Niche perfumery wholesale from a Ukrainian manufacturer

MAMOZIN presents a special collection of perfumes from Cocolady — the Niche Series. The best niche fragrances are already available at wholesale prices. Buyers of this perfume will be pleasantly surprised by aromatic notes, original bottle design and affordable cost.

MAMOZIN is the largest manufacturer of classic and niche perfumery in Ukraine. We supply selective perfumery wholesale and retail. We offer individual terms of cooperation to large buyers and distributors of perfumery. Only from us you can buy original perfumery from the manufacturer without extra charges and intermediaries.

Our Cocolady products are made from natural French raw materials. The product has received national and international certificates of quality and the conclusion of sanitary services. One of the main features of our perfumes is that they do not contain any synthetic chemicals. This approach to production completely eliminates the likelihood of any allergic reactions or other harmful effects on the human body.

To buy niche perfumery wholesale from MAMOZIN, just contact our manager by phone or fill out the feedback form. All contacts are available on the website page.

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