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كوكولادي ترافيل إديشن أو دى بارفان 18 مل

Cocolady Travel Edition is an eau de parfum for travel lovers. Only this line of fragrances is presented in compact bottles of 18 ml. They fit easily into a pocket or a small purse that you can take for a walk or on a long trip. The bottles are designed in an elegant style. You can choose any of 12 unique scents.

To order your Cocolady Travel Edition, just contact our managers. For wholesale customers, they are ready to make a unique offer.

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Mini perfume wholesale from the Ukrainian manufacturer MAMOZIN

MAMOZIN now offers unforgettable Cocolady fragrances in miniature form. The Cocolady Travel Edition features 12 of the best perfumes in 18 ml bottles. Due to its size, the perfume fits easily into a small purse or pocket. You can take them with you for a walk, a party or a long trip.

These bottles are convenient to use when you are visiting or traveling. We also recommend paying attention to our Mira Max perfume tester. They are supplied in 6 ml vials.

All Cocolady perfumes are made from natural raw materials. We get it from France from the renowned company Créations et Parfums. The same raw materials are used to produce perfumes for world perfume brands: Versece, Dior, Prada, Chanel. Mamozin is the only company in Ukraine that has the right to import these French essences.

The Travel Edition perfume line and other Cocolady and Mira Max products are available to wholesalers. Since we ourselves produce perfumes in our own factory, we are interested in partnerships with distributors and large buyers. For wholesale buyers, we offer the best prices and terms of cooperation in Ukraine.

To start working with MAMOZIN, just contact our manager by phone or fill out the feedback form. All contacts are on the page of our website.

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